Occu. Therapist’s Message


Early identification is the most important thing while dealing with any problem in children. “The early we start, better are the results. “  As a child development cum occupational therapist, I try to evaluate the difficulty & then work towards its remediation through specialized therapy plans. My areas of expertise include working with children with Developmental Delays, Delayed milestones (late to sit, stand or walk etc.), Cerebral palsy & other locomotor difficulties, Coordination & neurological difficulties (Muscular dystrophy, Hemiplegia, Paralysis), Attention deficits with hyperactivity (ADHD), Autism (ASD), Asperger’s syndrome, Down’s Syndrome, Mental Retardation, poor handwriting problems in school going children etc. Our aim is to make the child functionally independent, in his/her activities of daily living, to the maximum by providing specialized training as well as orthotic/assistive devices to aid sitting, standing, walking, feeding, clothing etc.